Jürgen Riedel

jurgen.riedel [at] labores [eu] 

I have a PhD in theoretical physics from the university of Oldenburg, Germany. My supervisor was Betti Hartmann and I am a researcher in Classical Field Theory specialising in non-topological solitons. After attending the Wolfram Science school in Boston where I undertook a 3 week research project in block emulation of elementary cellular automata, my interest in simple models of computation and rewriting systems such as cellular automata was ignited.

I am on the board of directors of LABORES, a senior researcher of the research group of Betti Hartmann as well as a member of the research training group Models of Gravity.

My recent research focused on (supersymmetric) boson stars and Q-balls in four and more dimensions and their holographic interpretation, stability of higher-dimensional solitons, and stability of (asymptotically) Anti-de Sitter space-time. 


My current research interests are:

Stability of (asymptotically) Anti-de Sitter space-time: conducting a full pertubative analysis of Q-balls and boson stars in (asymptotically) Anti-de Sitter space-time in (d+1) dimensions and comparing this with results from catastrophy theory.

Investigate boson stars in Gauss-Bonnet gravity and AdS/CFT: using boson stars a toy model to study the effects of the Gauss-Bonnet coreection to Einstein gravity in the context of AdS/CFT.

Composition and Block Emulating of cellular automata: studying how cellular automata can emulate others by "programming" initial conditions as well as through group compositions of cellular automata. Investigating computational universality through group theoretical methods. 

Topological Properties of Emulation Networks of Cellular Automata: study of emulation of abstract computing machines, notably cellular automata where a blend of areas and concepts are put together, from the theory of complex networks and graph theory, to cellular automata, dynamic systems and coarse-graining.


I have also been a consultant since 1995 and have worked as a software developer, business engineer and data analyst for various industries but mainly the private banking industry, e.g. Citibank and UBS. I have specialized in providing cutting edge solutions for Business Intelligence developing high performance data warehouses, multi-dimensional databases and sophisticated reporting portals for KPIs, data trend analysis and data mining through out the Caribbean and Latin America. I have developed software for risk management, trading front-office and settlement, mutual funds administration, investment portfolio analysis as well as other highly specialized application for the private banking sector.  


List of Publications:

1. B. Hartmann and J. Riedel, Glueball condensates as holographic duals of supersymmetric Q-balls and boson stars, Phys. Rev. D 86, 104008, 2012 [arXiv:1204.6239 [hep-th]].

2. B. Hartmann and J. Riedel, Supersymmetric Q-balls and boson stars in (d + 1) dimensions,Phys. Rev. D 87, 4, 044003, 2013 [arXiv:1210.0096 [hep-th]].

3. B. Hartmann, J. Riedel and R. Suciu, Gauss-Bonnet boson stars, Phys. Lett. B 726, 906, 2013 [arXiv:1308.3391 [gr-qc]].

4. Y. Brihaye and J. Riedel, Rotating Boson Stars in Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet gravity, submitted to Phys. Rev. D. [arXiv:1310.7223 [gr-qc]].

5. Y. Brihaye, B. Hartmann and J. Riedel, Self-interacting boson stars with a single Killing vector eld in Anti-de Sitter, Phys. Rev. D 92, 044049 [arXiv:1404.1874 [gr-qc]].

6. H. Zenil and J. Riedel, Cross-boundary Behavioural Reprogrammability of Cellular Automata from Emulation Networks, submitted to Phys. Rev. E [arXiv:1510.01671]. 


List of talks:


1. Talk at Information Universe Conference, 07.10.2015, Groningen, Netherlands (2015)


1. Talk at Nordic String Meeting 2014, 03.02.2014, Golm, Germany

2. Talk at IBERICOS 2014 - IX Iberian Cosmology Meeting, 28.04.2014, Aveiro, Portugal


1. Talk at DPG Spring Meeting, 01.03.2013, Jena, Germany

2. Talk at Internal Workshop JUB, 19.01.2013, Bremen, Germany

3. Talk at 8th IBERICOS Meeting, 26.04.2013, Granada, Spain

4. Invited talk at special seminar at JUB, 07.10.2013, Bremen, Germany 

5. Talk at Models of Gravity Workshop Astrophysics and Cosmology, 08.10.2013, Bremen, Germany

6. Invited talk at Third Infinity 2013 Meeting , 19.10.2013, Göttingen, Germany

7. Talk at Unit of Computational Medicine, Center for Molecular Medicine, Karolinska Institute, 23.10.2013, Stockholm, Sweden


1. Talk at DPG Spring Meeting, 02.03.2012, Göttingen, Germany 

2. Talk at Collaboration Workshop, 11.03.2012, Cancun, Mexico 

3. Talk at Collaboration Workshop, 11.10.2012, Mexico City, Mexico



List of research summer schools attended:

PhD school “Black holes and applied holography” ,12.11.2012 – 16.11.2012, Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark

Wolfram Science Summer School 2013, 29.06. – 18.07. 2013,Bentley University, Waltham, MA, USA. Research topic: Quantifying emulation for computation universality in cellular automata.

2013 Arnold Summerfeld School: Gauge-gravity duality and condensed matter physics,  05.08. – 09.08.2013, Arnold Sommerfeld Center for theoretical physics, München, Germany

List of selected presentation slides:

SUSY Q-Balls and Boson Stars in Anti-de Sitter space-time

Supersymmetric Q-balls and boson stars in (d + 1) dimensions

Gauss Bonnet Boson Stars

Gauss–Bonnet Boson Stars in AdS

Block Emulation and Computation in One-dimensional Cellular Automata: Breaking Behavioural Class Boundaries


Academic outreach:

Founder and Director of “TheScience Institute“ education program
Conducting workshops and seminars that combine education, learning, creativity and teamwork with LEGO.
Hosted Robotics Summer Camp 2008 and Summer Camp 2009 using LEGO Mindstorms Robotics system for kids and teenagers.  Students had missions that utilized LEGO to create specific working machines and robots.




Gerard 't Hooft (right), Edward Fredkin (center) and J. Riedel having a discussion at the Information Universe Conference in Groningen, NL (2015)


Betti Hartmann (right), Yves Brihaye (center) and J. Riedel after PhD graduation (June 2014)
From left to right: Yves Brihaye, Peter Schupp, Oliver Rinne, and Jutta Kunz after PhD graduation (June 2014)


The Iberian Cosmology Meeting 2014 took place at Aveiro, from the 28th to the 30th of April 2014.


Charles M. Misner (left) and J. Riedel
Dinner discussion after the  Ianaugural-Meeting Graduiertenkolleg “Models of Gravity”, Mar 2013, Bremen, Germany

Stephen Wolfram (left) and J. Riedel
After graduation from the Wolfram Science Summer School 2013